Latest News

"The Reason" 

I'm so excited to share with you my newest collaboration and release, "The Reason", with a friend of mine and an amazing artist Jeremy Barnett! The music video launched this past week and we will be releasing the song on all digital platforms coming February 20, 2022! Watch and share the video while you wait to download and stream the song! 

This song is written exactly from the perspective of John in Revelation 4. When he saw the elders, the angels, the living creatures, and more bowing before the throne of God he was overwhelmed. May we never lose that same wonder every time we declare that God is holy and worthy of our praise!

New Album! 

I'm so excited to announce that I just finished recording a brand new album! Recorded live in a time of personal worship and prayer, Secret Place, is a live video album that is just that - worship. This recording project features 6 original songs and 3 instrumental pieces that God birthed in my heart in my secret place with Him. When I felt like it was time to record and share these songs, I wanted them to be captured in the same way that they were written... in the secret place. This album is stripped down, raw, real, just me at the piano and that's where I have always felt closest to the Holy Spirit. He gives me notes to play, words to sing, melodies in my heart to express to Him and it brings His presence in an unexplainable way. My prayer is that you will listen to this live album and let the Father take you into the secret place where He wants to dwell with you and have fellowship with you in a real and tangible way like never before.